Sweet Child Tank Top
Sweet Child Tank Top
Sweet Child Tank Top
Sweet Child Tank Top

Sweet Child Tank Top

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Camisole crop top neatly crafted from handwoven cotton fabric, a dedicated work by Thai folks.
Kled Tao (Turtle scale) pattern enhances the garment with the wooden buttons that complete the style.

- Handwoven fabric by the folks
- Natural cotton fabric
- Brown
- Wooden buttons
- Kled Tao (Turtle scale) pattern

Size Chart

 Women (Inches)  S  M  L
Bust 32 34 36
Length 11 11 11.5
Strap 15 15 15.5

Bamboo Fabric

We produce bamboo fibers into yarn by a high-pressure steam blasting process. And we called "Natural Bamboo". This natural fiber is different from "Viscose Bamboo", the process of bringing bamboo into yarn with chemicals, normally used in other countries. Bamboo fiber cannot be spun into yarn because of its short length. We need to mix with cotton first to make the yarn. In the future, we're looking for developing the yarn to contain more bamboo fiber.

"Bamboo Fabric" gives soft, shiny qualities with natural patterns of woven bamboo fibers. Further has 99.94% antibacterial and UV protection, and temperature adaptive. Causing cool in hot weather and warmth in the winter season.